Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spring and Summer has simply flown by...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011
Time has simply flown by...
Wow, high time for another post on this blog that has languished in cyber space since the end of March five months ago almost to the day. Well, to start with I'll post a link to an earlier video that I made at the Gulf Island Film and Television School. I went there for a week during spring break to study Super 8 Experimental video. I worked with two other emerging filmmakers to make, 'The New Road' which was screened locally at the Beach Blanket Film Festival. Thank you Nikos Theodosakis! So here it is:

Currently it existe only in VHS format but since I rediscovered it on my also languishing-in-cyberspace youtube channel called filmflamflicks I decided to drop everything this a.m. and post it before something happens today to derail my best efforts to develop this blog. Perhaps, I should have a check in midweek at the very minimun just like Julia Cameron recommends in her fabulously successful 'The Artist Way.' About five or six years ago now I facillitated two consecutive AW groups in my home for the first AW book followed by 'Walking in The World.' On one of the weeks, one of the assignments was to write down five artistic things I wanted to accomplish and lo and behold I found my cards and on one card was, 'Make a Documentary' and lo and behold it DID manifest just last summer when I went to Cuba to Documentary Film School in San Antonio.

Namaste from downtown Penticton!